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My Yoga Journey

It was a long journey up to now I am sure it will never end.

I began yoga after having constant pain on my neck and shoulders ten years ago. So many thank my body. My body is my best teacher.  I learned through my body to appreciate, to accept,  to be persistent ,to be patient,be grateful and to love my self. During all those years sometimes I push myself hard, I  couldn’t hear what my body needs. I felt failed many times but I haven’t give up on yoga. I keep reminding myself to take it easy instead of giving up. I practice regularly day and night. I got tired then slow down little bit. I became a yoga teacher but I was still searching something that I did not know. I should except It was a bit tiring for me. I suppose I couldn’t think I am enough . I don’t know what is changed suddenly but the penny drops. I am a yoga teacher and just realised I am enough  now to share. One of my student today she thank me  with her tears for the relaxing yoga session .Than I realised one more time what a wonderful decision I made to begin to share my yoga journey with my student.

Do you know who you are?

“Do you know what you are?
You are a manuscript of a divine letter.
You are a mirror reflecting a noble face.
This universe is not outside of you.
Look inside yourself;
everything that you want,
you are already that.”
by Rumi

I had great teachers  but some of them are much more special in my heart. Those ones who come and hold my hand in my yoga journey and put  candles on my path for me to find my self when I feel lost. It is pay back time for me…

My Education

  • September 2015 to April 2016 Hariom Yoga – 200 hours Hatta Yoga Teacher Training course
  • March 2015 Training of Reggio Emilia from AKED –
  • March 2015 Training of Montessori from AKED
  • April 2014 – Kids Yoga teacher training (level 1)
  • 2012 Training of Usui Reiki 2
  • 2012 Certificate of training and Attunement for Unconditional Love, Energy Healing and Sliver Violet Flame Healing
  • January 2011 Training of Kundalini Reiki 1-2-3
  • 2011 Training of Usui Reiki 1
  • Sept 1993 to June1997 Istanbul University – Landscape Architecture

My Yoga Experience

Apart from my daily yoga practice last 5 years , I have attended following yoga workshops

  • Hormon yoga with Seda Shambavi 2015 in Izmir
  • Kirtan workshop with Ulku Ilce in izmir 2015
  • Yin Yoga Workshop Weekend with Biff Mithoefer “ YinYoga and the path of the warrior” by indaba yoga, June 2016
  • Yin Yoga Workshop “Relaxing in the Winter  with Manjunaga” 25th November 2017
  • Bora Ercan Yoga Sutra in Izmir Kaya Hotel 2017
  • Yoga Nidra with Paula in St Albans 2017
  • Head stand practice with Johnny in St Albans 2018
  • Yin Yoga Workshop with Norman Blair 26/05/2018, West London Buddhist Centre,
  • Pranayama deep down with Dylan Werber in Indaba yoga in London 2019.

My Yoga Book

A yoga book for special needs

I have published a yoga book for special needs children at Discover more details about it from the link below.